Five Things You Need to Know About Unplanned Data Center Outages

Unplanned data center outages

Did you know?

    • 85% of respondents said their organization had experienced a loss of primary utility power in the past 24 months.
    • 91% of companies that experienced a loss of primary power had an unplanned data center outage.
    • 71% of survey respondents indicated their company is dependent on the data center to generate revenue and conduct ecommerce.

* Data and statistics are from the 2011 benchmark report The Cost of Data Center Outages by the Ponemon Institute.

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    The direct and indirect costs of a data center outage in the United States range from $38,969 to $1,017,746 per incident per organization. That means the average cost of an outage is $505,502.

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    An unplanned outage at a data center may result in:

    • Damage to data which is mission critical for the company
    • Significant decrease in organizational productivity
    • Loss of trust and confidence among staff, customers and key stakeholders
    • Potential costs of litigation defense due to legal or regulatory impact
    • Replacement or repair of damaged equipment or other assets
    • Loss of business opportunities (sales)
    • Loss of respect for the company’s brand and negative impact on its reputation
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    IT Leaders routinely underestimate the cost of unplanned Data Center outages.

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    The primary root causes of unplanned data center outages are:

    Data Center Outage Root Cause

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    Every business can reduce the likelihood of an unplanned data center outage by conducting a professional facilities audit conducted by a qualified professional and following through on the recommendations in the audit’s report.

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