Xtreme Power Conversion T90

Xtreme T90 tower UPS system

Xtreme Power Conversion T90 Overview

The Xtreme T90 system is an online tower UPS offering load segment control capabilities. Ideal for PC’s, workstations, servers, IT equipment, communications systems, or networking equipment, the T90 provides reliable protection and extended run time. The T90 series offers two models: 120V models ranging from 700VA to 3000VA, and a 208V model with 1500VA.

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              • Power Rating: 700VA- 3000VA (120V), 1500VA (208V)
              • Voltage: 120V Input & Output for 700-3000VA, or 208V 1500VA
              • Output Power Factor: 0.7
              • Topology: True on-line double conversion