Mitsubishi 9900A

Mitsubishi 9900A Overview

Superior reliability and performance with this efficient and parallel redundant capable UPS system.  With a smaller footprint to save on floor space and modular scalability, the system offers the option of adding or removing power modules with minimal cost.  The three phase, on-line double conversion UPS system also features IGBT technology that provides many benefits such as large power capabilities and high speed switching.

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Technical Specs
          • Power Rating: 80, 100, 150, & 225kVA
          • Output Power Factor: .9
          • Voltage: 480/480V Input & Output
          • On-line double conversion topology
                • IGBT converter & inverter
                • Available for parallel redundant & capacity applications
                • Internal static bypass
                • Small footprint & lightweight
  • Additional modules for parallel redundant & capacity applications (up to 4 modules)
Service & Support

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