Mitsubishi 9800

Mitsubishi 9800 Overview

Superior reliability and performance with this efficient and parallel redundant capable UPS system.  With the ability to parallel up to (8) the system offers complete redundancy.  Modular scalability offers flexibility with cost savings and a reduced footprint.  The three phase, on-line double conversion UPS system also features IGBT technology that provides many benefits such as large power capabilities and high speed switching.

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Technical Specs
            • Power Rating: 100 – 750kVA
            • Output Power Factor: .8 for 100 – 225kVA; .9 for 300 – 750kVA
            • Voltage: 480VAC Input; 480Y/277VAC or 600Y/346VAC Output
            • On-line double conversion topology
                  • IGBT converter & inverter
                  • Available for parallel redundant & capacity applications
                  • Single or Multi module system applications
                  • Monitoring system options
  • Additional modules for parallel redundant & capacity applications (up to 4 modules)
Service & Support

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