Mitsubishi 7011A

Mitsubishi 7011A Overview

Superior reliability and performance with this single phase UPS system developed to protect the most critical of applications. The system ranges from 6kVA to 12kVA, covering a wide spectrum of applications. The double conversion on-line UPS system features an LCD front display, Internal Maintenance Bypass Switch, and robust monitoring equipment and software options.

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Technical Specs
                • Power Rating: 6kVA – 12kVA
                • Output Power Factor: .7
                • Voltage: 240/120V (1 phase), 208/120V (2 phase) Input; 240/120V, 208/120V, or 120/120V Output
                • On-line double conversion topology
                      • IGBT converter & inverter
                      • Internal maintenance bypass
                      • Front LCD display for diagnostics
                      • Custom output receptacle panels
    • Battery cabinets
    • External Maintenance Bypass Switch
    • Netcom2 monitoring
    • Modbus communications
Service & Support

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