Emerson / Liebert NX

Emerson / Liebert NX Overview

This reliable, constant power protection has made Emerson / Liebert NX Series the most universally selected UPS to support 10-200kVA critical loads. With its wide range of UPS capacities and features, the Liebert NX is ideal for small and medium data centers. Its ability to handle changing power demands, paralleling capabilities, and lower total cost of ownership makes this your go to UPS system.

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Technical Specs
            • Power Rating: 10- 200kVA
            • Output Power Factor: .8
            • Voltage: variable
            • Topology: True double-conversion online UPS
                • Paralleling capabilities
                • Generator compatible
                • Internal automatic bypass
                • High efficiency
      • Parallel Tie Cabinet
      • Extended Battery Modules
      • Wall-Mounted Maintenance Bypass Module
      • Software & Connectivity options
Service & Support

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