Eaton / Powerware 9E

Discontinued Eaton/Powerware 9E UPS (now known as 93E)
Discontinued flywheel UPS system

Eaton / Powerware 9E

The Eaton Powerware 9E UPS, now known as 93E, delivers customers the most efficient power quality solution in three key areas: space, power and cost. Engineered for maximum efficiency, the 9E delivers up to 98% efficiency while maintaining a small physical footprint.  The 9E was engineered to be one of the easiest to install which means reduced installation costs and quicker load protection.

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Technical Specs
                • Power Rating: 20, 30, 40 and 60kVA
                • Voltage: 208/120V Input; 208/220V Output
                • Output power factor: .8
                • Topology: True on-line double conversion
            • Delivers up to 98% efficiency
            • Compact footprint
            • Easy installation
            • Pre-wired internal batteries
  • Extended Battery Cabinet for extended run time
  • Integrated Accessory Cabinet
  • Integrated Transformer Cabinet
  • Wall Mount Maintenance Bypass
Service & Support

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