APC Symmetra PX

APC Symmetra PX QPS

APC Symmetra PX Overview

High performance, scalable, high power UPS system with tower design for minimum footprint. Three-phase power protection with ultra high availability and efficiency. Double conversion online operation with enhanced network connectivity and remote monitoring. Power distribution options provide flexibility while Hot Sync paralleling technology provides reliability.

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Technical Specs
          • Power Rating: 10 – 500kW
          • Output Power Factor: (1) Unity PF
          • Voltage: variable
          • Topology: True double-conversion online UPS
        • Scalable from 10kW to 500kW
        • High efficiency and availability
        • Rack-based, space saving design for minimum footprint
        • Enhanced communications
      • Modular Power Distribution
      • Extended and swappable Battery Modules
      • Wall-Mounted Maintenance and Service Bypass Module
      • Software & Connectivity options
Service & Support

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