CSB ups batteries

CSB UPS Batteries

CSB UPS Batteries Overview

CSB is a global manufacturer of Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA) batteries and had originally been established in 1987. These batteries are utilized for telecommunications, UPS (uninterruptible power supply) systems, solar or wind power, emergency lighting, security and many other applications. Two elements that set CSB apart from other manufacturers is the consistent quality of their products and their worldwide distribution network.

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CSB GP Series

The CSB GP ‘general purpose’ batteries are a series of reliable VRLA batteries.  Not only were they designed to last up to five years in standby service, but also this battery type was constructed to be leak proof, rechargeable, and low maintenance. This ‘general purpose’ battery was made for most modern hi-tech applications.

CSB HR UPS Batteries

CSB HR UPS Batteries

The CSB HR is a series of high rate discharge UPS batteries. These VRLA batteries are high energy, high intensity, and high quality. The HR series has 20% more energy density than same volume products at high discharge rate characteristics. This series was designed specifically for high efficient discharge applications.

CSB HRL UPS Batteries

CSB HRL UPS Batteries

The CSB HRL battery series was built for high rates and long life. This series of valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries were constructed to be able to withstand the demands of hi-tech applications. With this batteries high energy density, long life cycle, and high discharge rates this series is perfect for an uninterruptible power supply.

XHRL UPS Battery Series

CSB XHRL UPS Batteries

The CSB XHRL batteries are a series of valve regulated lead acid(VRLA) batteries, that were built to have improved characteristics in comparison to the HRL batteries. For instance, XHRL stands for extreme high rate and long life. The XHRL batteries were built for extreme energy density and for high rate discharge applications. This battery is a qualifying candidate for any hi-tech or UPS applications.

CSB XPL UPS Battery Series

CSB XPL UPS Batteries

Comparative to the HRL battery series, the XPL series was constructed for extreme high power and long life. Due to the make of this series innovative plate structure, this series has an improved energy density of a 5 min-rate backup. This valve regulated lead acid XPL battery series is perfect for providing high energy density and durability to your standby power applications.