How Safe is Your Critical Power Infrastructure?

hazard and safety assessment

Get an On-Site Evaluation to Ensure You’re Meeting Current Safety Standards

Although our primary focus is to ensure that your business stays running, we can’t do that effectively without having an equal focus on workplace safety. Both the equipment and the people must be able to operate safely for everything to run efficiently.

The critical power industry lends itself to a much higher rate of workplace accidents than most others including burns, shocks and overexertion. This fact alone means that we take safety extremely seriously – both yours and ours.

With that in mind, we offer an in-depth safety and hazard analysis as part of our routine facility assessment. If you have concerns about your facility, the safety of your workers or would like recommendations on your aging critical power infrastructure, UPS systems or generators, please contact us. We will have our skilled team review your facility and perform a safety analysis of your critical power infrastructure.

In addition, during each our our preventative maintenance inspections, we thoroughly review your emergency power infrastructure and note site conditions that might impact our team member or your facility.

  • Review potential site hazards
  • Site specific safety program compliance
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Trip/Fall Hazards
  • Lock out / tag out procedures
  • Breathing Hazards; gases, dust or vapors
  • Electrical Arc Risk
  • Hearing protection
  • Contact QPS to learn more about this safety evaluation and how it can help prevent unnecessary injuries from occurring at your facility.

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