When an Energy Efficient UPS Isn’t As Efficient as You Think

When an Energy Efficient UPS Isn’t As Efficient as You Think

A highly efficient UPS can help cut energy costs. But if you base a UPS’s efficiency solely on its efficiency rating, you’re making a huge mistake. Efficiency ratings are often misunderstood, which is why it’s essential you understand how they work before your next UPS purchase.

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UPS Maintenance is critical to avoid power failures for Surgical Centers & Hospitals

Down the Drain: A Surgical Facility’s UPS Downtime Disaster

How Scheduling Maintenance Checks Can Prevent UPS Downtime and Avoid Catastrophic Power Failures for Medical Centers & Hospitals The facility manager at a surgery center thought he had covered all his bases during recent renovation. But when the power suddenly went out, the surgical team was – of all things –  unable to wash their […]


Covering Your Bases: Three Reasons to Get UPS Maintenance

Covering Your Bases: Three Reasons You Need UPS Maintenance Checks Why the Best Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems Prioritize Regular Maintenance Checks The verdict is in: the number one way to keep your uninterruptible power supply (UPS) up and running is to schedule regular maintenance checks. Here are three ways UPS maintenance can provide insight into […]