Why UPS Battery Maintenance can save you money

Average Cost of Data Center Outages: $627,418 PER INCIDENT

Just how costly is an unplanned data center outage? A recent study puts the price tag at over $600,000 per incident.  The top root cause of those outages?  UPS battery failure. Here are three ways to ensure these costly failures don’t reach your data center.

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Battery neglect can cause premature battery failure and load loss

Protecting the Most Vulnerable Part of Your UPS: The UPS Battery

The battery is the heart of any UPS system. Unfortunately, it’s also the most vulnerable component. That’s why it’s crucial to ensure that along with the other components of your UPS, the battery (or batteries) is properly maintained and monitored on a regular basis.

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How UPS capacitor failure can creep up on a facility manager.

The Slow but Certain Threat: UPS Capacitor Failure

How to Detect and Avoid UPS Capacitor Failure

When a UPS suffers a capacitor failure, you may not initially notice, but that doesn’t mean the UPS hasn’t been compromised and that performance isn’t affected. In many cases, a capacitor failure will force your UPS system into bypass, leaving your critical loads unprotected. 

What is UPS capacitor failure? Before we delve into the details, let’s meet the capacitor, one of the most overlooked and misunderstood components of a UPS.

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How a Facility Assessment Reveals Four Key Points of Failure

How a Facility Assessment Reveals Four Key Points of Failure

Should any part of your mission-critical equipment fail, it could result in load loss, fires or worse. A facilities assessment will identify possible points of failure before they happen, helping you accurately assess the urgency of repairs to your upper management.

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You could be the leading threat to your own UPS

How You Could be the Leading Cause of UPS System Failure

Believe it or not, the biggest threat to your UPS system isn’t faulty equipment or your system’s internal components failing. It’s you, the operator. Take a look at how you, along with the other leading causes of UPS system failure, could be putting your facility at risk.

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When crisis strikes, you’ll be glad you have an External Maintenance Bypass

Why You Need an External Maintenance Bypass

Downtime Denied: How an External Maintenance Bypass Saves the Day

Suppose your UPS experiences a catastrophic failure or needs to be removed for maintenance. In that case, one piece of equipment is crucial, so you don’t drop your mission-critical load – an External Maintenance Bypass. Not only do you need to know why it’s essential, but also the correct procedure when switching to an external bypass.

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A key to keeping your UPS fully funcional is understanding its components

Why You Must Know the Four Components of a UPS System

Simply knowing what your UPS system does should be just the beginning of your UPS knowledge. Going a step further to learn the key components of a UPS will help you understand how it works, identify potential problems and help you avoid them. Read more

Power supply outages could be the result of squirrels and birds

Birds and Squirrels Cause 11% of Power Outages

Did you know that squirrels and birds cause 11% of the power supply outages annually? It’s true, and they’re not the only looming threat. With so much on the line, it’s important to protect your mission-critical equipment. Here’s how a comprehensive energy security plan can help.  Read more


Three Facility Monitoring Systems Essential for Uptime

You may not be aware of adverse conditions within your facility that threaten to take down your critical loads at any time. That’s why monitoring your data center’s equipment is vital. Here are three facility monitoring systems to improve your mission-critical system protection. (Note: This post was written by Gary Wells, a Senior Field Engineer for Quality Power Solutions.) Read more

Four Best Practices to Help Avoid Prison Power Failures

Four Ways to Lower Risk of Power Failure in High-Security Facilities

The recent headlines about power failures at prisons emphasized just how dependent high-security facilities are on emergency backup power. It’s why we follow these four best practices in facilities where safety depends on power for mission-critical systems. Read more