External Maintenance Bypass

External Maintenance Bypass – What Is It and When Is It Necessary?

Businesses use emergency back-up power systems to ensure availability of their most critical applications. What happens then, when the critical power system needs maintenance done, or if the UPS system has an issue itself? Like a vehicle, back-up power equipment needs regular maintenance or “tune-ups” to ensure it continues running correctly. However, there are times when back-up power equipment is so critical that it cannot be taken offline, even for maintenance. Having an External Maintenance Bypass is a way to allow critical power systems to have more flexibility while maintenance is done, keeping equipment online without interruption to loads. Continue reading “External Maintenance Bypass – What Is It and When Is It Necessary?” »

Power Outages Caused by Squirrels

Hundreds of Power Outages in the US Are Caused by…Squirrels?

When you think of power outages in this country, you generally think of weather related incidents and natural disasters – things like floods, fire, ice storms, heat waves and tornadoes.

It’s true, many power outages can be attributed to these events. However, believe it or not, many of the power outages that occur in the US are not the result of bad weather, but instead the result of squirrels and other small animals.

Yes, squirrels! And incidents seem to be on the rise. In fact, the number of incidents has significantly risen since we last touched on the squirrel issue in 2014. This squirrel problem is noteworthy enough that there is even a tongue-in-cheek website devoted to tracking power outages, or “cyber squirrel attacks” across the world: http://cybersquirrel1.com/  Even the Eaton Blackout Tracker lists animal related outages as causing 5% of all outages country-wide.

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how delta airlines prevent power loss

Delta Air Lines Power Outage: How to Prevent a Power Loss Catastrophe

Last Monday Delta Air Lines experienced a massive disruption in their service from a power outage due to what some outlets suspect is the result of aging technology. As many as 400 flights were cancelled leading to stranded and delayed travelers across the country. So what can the rest of us learn from this mishap?

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What Happens When Your UPS System Fails

What Happens When Your UPS System Fails

Prevention is key to keeping a catastrophic event from occurring in your equipment. Not only can failure cause your equipment to disrupt your workflow, and can cost your company time and money, but having your UPS catch on fire is far worse than a small amount of downtime. We’ll show you what can happen to a rogue UPS system.

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UPS system maintenance plan

Do You Know Your Cost of Downtime? [Free Calculator]

Today’s businesses are more reliant on technology than ever before. When it comes time to consider installation of an emergency power source, it is crucial to understand your organization’s cost of downtime.

The Ponemon Institute shows that the cost of downtime has increased substantially over the past few years. In fact, for data centers, the average cost is calculated at slightly more than $7,900 per minute – a 41% increase from 2010. Continue reading “Do You Know Your Cost of Downtime? [Free Calculator]” »

When crisis strikes, you’ll be glad you have an External Maintenance Bypass

Downtime Denied: How an External Maintenance Bypass Saves the Day

If your UPS experiences a catastrophic failure or needs to be removed for maintenance, one piece of equipment is crucial so you don’t drop your mission-critical load – an External Maintenance Bypass. Not only do you need to know why it’s important, but also the correct procedure when switching to an external bypass.

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