Three Lessons You Can Take From the 2016 Rio Olympics to Keep Your Facility Running

When the Olympic Torch was lit at Maracana Stadium in Rio the excitement was clear…there were almost a billion people around the world watching. For most people, the amount of effort required to keep things running can easily be taken for granted, but here at QPS we appreciate the behind-the-scenes efforts.

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How UPS systems protect your bottom line

How UPS Systems Protect Your Bottom Line

On a recent maintenance service visit, a client asked us, “What do I need this UPS system for, anyway? We already have a generator.”

If you’re unfamiliar with UPS systems, this is a logical question. What does a business really need a UPS for if they have a generator that will kick on if there’s a power outage? For any organization with mission-critical power needs, a UPS not only provides an uninterruptible power supply, but several other important functions that protect your short-term and long-term operations.

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UPS system maintenance plan

Do You Know Your Cost of Downtime? [Free Calculator]

Today’s businesses are more reliant on technology than ever before. When it comes time to consider installation of an emergency power source, it is crucial to understand your organization’s cost of downtime.

The Ponemon Institute shows that the cost of downtime has increased substantially over the past few years. In fact, for data centers, the average cost is calculated at slightly more than $7,900 per minute – a 41% increase from 2010. Read more

An example of a QPS turnkey project

12 Crucial Considerations When Installing a Critical Power System

Critical power systems like UPS systems, generators and power conditioners are highly complex. Simple installation does not always ensure your critical loads are protected. There are at least 12 things to consider if you’re going to install your own critical system.

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