Internet Of Things (IoT) And Critical Power

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the confluence of everyday objects and the internet in which these devices have network connectivity and can send and receive data. Of all the various business units, facility management has the potential to be transformed more than any other by the rise of the Internet of Things. It is such a complex field involving numerous systems (both technological and human-powered) working in concert to control a wide range of variables that adding elements of automation and inter-connectivity can have a dramatic effect on the efficiency and performance of critical facility infrastructure. As the IoT continues to proliferate, there will be even more solutions coming to the market for facility managers who are looking to streamline operations and control costs, especially around their critical infrastructure.

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Three Lessons You Can Take From the 2016 Rio Olympics to Keep Your Facility Running

When the Olympic Torch was lit at Maracana Stadium in Rio the excitement was clear…there were almost a billion people around the world watching. For most people, the amount of effort required to keep things running can easily be taken for granted, but here at QPS we appreciate the behind-the-scenes efforts.

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how delta airlines prevent power loss

Delta Air Lines Power Outage: How to Prevent a Power Loss Catastrophe

Last Monday Delta Air Lines experienced a massive disruption in their service from a power outage due to what some outlets suspect is the result of aging technology. As many as 400 flights were cancelled leading to stranded and delayed travelers across the country. So what can the rest of us learn from this mishap?

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turnkey power solutions - QPS

Why a UPS Turnkey Solution is Vital to Your Facility

“Turnkey.” It’s a term that’s used in many industries, but what does it really mean when it comes to your generator and UPS system? In this industry, a “turnkey” solution simply provides a start to finish approach with equipment and installation solutions.

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