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Toshiba Innovates the first UPS with SiC Power Modules

For most of our customers, a UPS system is often greatly underutilized. Data Centers with redundant UPS systems are notoriously underutilized since neither unit can ever be loaded more than 50% of its rated capacity. Since a UPS system reaches it’s peak efficiency when loaded to 70% or higher, trying to maximize efficiency can be challenging. Toshiba UPS has introduced a UPS system that might revolutionize the way we look at efficiency in the UPS Market.

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What Should Be in Your UPS Preventative Maintenance Agreement?

For many companies, we get caught up in the cost of a UPS system purchase and installation. However, the real cost for most UPS systems happens after the unit is installed. We’ve covered the lifecycle of a UPS before, but it is worth repeating. The main driving factors in the cost of a UPS system include the efficiency of the unit, battery replacements and the ongoing cost of maintenance agreements.

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Join Us at the Wisconsin Energy Efficiency Expo!

The Wisconsin Association of Energy Engineers (WAEE) will be holding their annual Wisconsin Energy Efficiency Expo on Wednesday, May 18.

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