Do You Know Your Cost of Downtime? [Free Calculator]

Today’s businesses are more reliant on technology than ever before. When it comes time to consider installation of an emergency power source, it is crucial to understand your organization’s cost of downtime.

The Ponemon Institute shows that the cost of downtime has increased substantially over the past few years. In fact, for data centers, the average cost is calculated at slightly more than $7,900 per minute – a 41% increase from 2010.

QPS Cost of Downtime CalculatorAs a solutions provider, we are often asked to help our clients understand the impact that a loss of power might have on their business. For most organizations a few commons items should be considered:

  • What is the impact of downtime on your revenue
  • What is the impact of downtime on productivity
  • What is the impact on your organization’s reputation

We’ve developed a tool that we use to help our clients understand the factors that most impact their facility should they experience power disruption. This free Excel template instantly calculates your cost of downtime. Download this downtime cost calculator here.

For more questions or to further understand your challenges, please reach out to one of our Certified Power Quality (CPQ) specialists today.

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